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I know most English learners don't feel confident because they never get enough opportunity to practice what they learn. 

Now you can have a safe place to practice EVERYDAY with other learners just like you.

Get confident English for job interviews, exam preparation,
travel, work or just to feel good about yourself.

Hello, I'm AJARN KEN.

I've helped more than 7,000 English learners

I know what it feels like to feel embarrassed speaking a new language and how important it is to be a confidence communicator.

Practicing what you learn is the most important and here you will learn and practice together.


We all need support

This community has your back. Learn  and grow with people committed to improving their finances.

Participate in Fun Money Challenges

Create Better Money Habits

Learn Together & Support One Another

Would You Like

More Financial Security

Imagine having the ability to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you’re prepared for what life throws at you.

To Gain a Financial Sisterhood

When you win, we all win. There is power in numbers and shared life experiences. Create new friendships, learn from each other, and connect with other financially motivated women.

A Safe Space

To ask you money questions without fear of judgement and receive the support you wont get from reading a book or listening to a podcast. Our community is supported with ambassadors willing to answer your questions and monitor our community for harassment, abuse, and behaviour that goes against our code of conduct.

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Daily challenges to sharpen your  skills & native English teachers to personally help

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"Before finding Tonya, I had attempted to improve my finances without success and felt like I was alone. My Fab Finance has provided great information and applicable ways for me to tackle my debt and being a part of the group allowed me to see that I was not alone."

K. Harris

"Thank you for helping me take charge of my finances; thank you for helping me feel confident about myself; thank you for helping me start on a path where I finally felt like I was moving forward. To anyone who needs help like I did, I'll tell them to come to My Fab Finance."

E. Tessier

"I cannot express how blessed and happy I feel for having been made aware of Tonya and My Fab Finance. In only a week, you all have brought more actionable real-time value to me life than the thousands of personal finance articles I have been reading over the past few months."

A. Mendez

What our students say

I've been a student of Ken for a while and I've been really impressed by the way he teaches. He has been so helpful to me to improve my English skills and helped me prepare for a Phd Economic Researchers interview which I'm very happy to say I was recently offered the job.


Ken is a great teacher, really kind and helpful. I feel, with his help, I've really improved my English skill and gained so much confidence to go to a job interview and use what he has taught me. I would recommend his interview skills courses, the feedback is excellent.


Ken has been really helpful with helping my English skills, even though I live in the UK, I'm a non-native and still need that extra confidence when going to interviews and explaining myself well. His classes and courses have been excellent and very valuable and I'm happy to say I have been offered a job. A great coach and teacher!

A. Sarah

I really needed help with improving my confidence speaking and presenting as I don't have places to practice and improve my English. Ken has been really helpful and gives me so much time and space to speak and improve my English skills. His interview courses are excellent


Ken is excellent and really helpful to improve my vocabulary and practice my speaking skills. He is kind and helpful and I always feel I'm learning something new. The interview courses are perfect for me to study, practice and improve my English skills and have used them in my IELTS speaking exam.



Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

Can I join from outside the US?

Yes, you can join from anywhere in the world.

What do I get with my membership?

Everyone gets access to our community on Vibely, and much more depending on what tier you sign up for!

Who is this community for?

For anyone with a basic level of English who wants to become more confident speaking English.  If you're wanting to learn something new or simply practice and brush-up on your English skills, you'll find this helpful.

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